Tom Hiddleston & Shah Rukh Khan share a sweet exchange on IG; Latter reveals he ‘Can’t wait to binge Loki’

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Avengers star Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki in the film had a fun exchange with Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan recently! While promoting his new series Loki via Disney Hotstar, the actor played a game of word association in which he was given random words and had to reveal what he associates those words with. When Tom was given the word India, the actor quickly replied with Shar Rukh Khan’s name in the video. Suggesting that that’s who he associated the country with. 


In response to the Avengers star’s sweet words, to our surprise, SRK quickly took notice and wrote a special message for Tom too! Sharing the video clip on his IG stories, SRK wrote: “You are kind, God of Mischief, hope there’s no mischief behind this claim though. Lots of love @TWhiddleston. Can’t wait to binge Loki!!! Starting now Ep-1.”

Apart from SRK, the show has already made fans of other celebrities like Nick Jonas. After the first episode of the series aired on June 9, Jonas took to Instagram to share an Instagram reel where he was seen enjoying the first episode of Loki. While fans were left thoroughly impressed by the show for making an extremely intriguing pilot, the Jonas Brothers singer seemed to have agreed with fans as he reacted to the show saying, "So tight." 


The new series Loki starring Tom Hiddleston in lead and follows the God of Mischief being taken captive by the Time Variance Authority after he messes up the sacred timeline following his Avengers: Endgame escape with the Tesseract. 


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