The Bad Batch: How Many Episodes Are There (And When Is The Finale?)

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The Star Wars universe keeps expanding now that the Skywalker saga is over, and among its upcoming projects is the animated series The Bad Batch, but how many episodes will there be of this new adventure? Star Wars took the world by surprise in 1977 with the movie now known as Star Wars: A New Hope, which made way for one of the largest and most profitable franchises in the entertainment world, branching out to TV, video games, comic books, and more.

Although the Star Wars universe is best known for its movies, collectively known as the Skywalker Saga, other media has also become quite popular, especially its TV shows. The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels have proven that this universe also knows how to do animated TV shows, and it surprised viewers around the world with the live-action series The Mandalorian, which opened many doors for the future of Star Wars in the realm of streaming. At Disney Investors Day in December 2020, the studio announced a long list of upcoming Star Wars projects, among those the animated series The Bad Batch, a sequel and spin-off from The Clone Wars.

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The Bad Batch focuses on the Clone Force 99, who are also known as the title of the show, and are a group of elite clone troopers whose mutations give them abilities beyond those of other clones. In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, this group will take on daring mercenary missions, which promise a lot of action for Star Wars fans. Set to premiere on May 4, 2021 (also known as Star Wars Day), Star Wars: The Bad Batch has 16 episodes in season 1.

Following the example of The Mandalorian and other Disney+ TV shows from other franchises, as are WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The Bad Batch will drop one episode per week, and the first one will be a special 75-minute episode. Although the premiere episode will drop on a Tuesday, subsequent episodes will be released on Fridays, beginning on May 7. With that in mind, and assuming there are no release delays, the Star Wars: The Bad Batch finale will release on Friday August 13, 2021. This will keep Star Wars fans entertained as they wait for the next TV shows scheduled to release in 2021: Visions, an anime anthology series of ten short films, and The Book of Boba Fett, set to be released in December.

It’s unlikely there will be any change of plans when it comes to the release of The Bad Batch as the series is already complete and ready to be shared with Star Wars fans all over the world, and it’s quite fitting that it’s set to debut on Star Wars Day. Fans of this extensive universe will be delighted to know they will have enough of this new adventure to watch for many, many weeks, making the wait between projects a bit smoother.

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