Stranger Things to Freaks and Geeks: The Best Shows Set in the 80s

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Though we left behind VHS’s, perms, and synthesizers over 4 decades ago, the 80s have been riding a pop culture wave for some time now. The colorful decade has been resurrected dozens of times thanks to television’s never-ending fascination with its iconic celebrities, unforgettable movies, and the general nostalgia for a time we’ll never truly get back. While the 80s have always been celebrated for its groundbreaking music, movies, and fashion, the mania didn’t really kick into high gear until the premiere of a little Netflix original series called Stranger Things. With nods to E.T The Extra-Terrestrial and The Goonies, the 80s-set supernatural thriller hit a sweet in millions of viewers' hearts, and countless other television series followed in hot pursuit. Here is a compilation of the best 80s set TV shows.

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