Spider-Man Costume Tribute Celebrates 60 Years of the Wall-Crawler

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A new animation created by Marvel Comics is celebrating 60 years of iconic costumes for everyone's favorite Wall-Crawler, Spider-Man. Even the newcomers to the Marvel Universe will recognize the Webhead because he's become more than just a character: he's an icon. The hero has been swinging through comic pages for 60 years now, and it's a landmark that Marvel has been happy to celebrate all year long. From the debut of a new Amazing Spider-Man comic series to an entire Spider-Man exhibit at this year's San Diego Comic-Con called "Beyond Amazing," Marvel has been recognizing the love for the character that fans have held for decades.

When it comes to why people love Spider-Man so much, there are multiple reasons given by fans. Some say it's the fact that he's Marvel's most relatable hero as he's more grounded to the average person than heroes like Iron Man and the Hulk. Others might say it's his massive rogues' gallery of villains who are just as interesting as the hero they fight. There are many reasons out there that have made Spider-Man a timeless character who still continues to be relevant today. However, the ever-changing designs of Spider-Man's costumes have also kept the character fresh over the years, providing countless new stories regarding what they can do.

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Recently Marvel unveiled a new animation on its Twitter account that showcases 60 years of costumes that the Webhead has worn. This video contains countless stills of comics over the years as well as stunning animation when Spidey wants to show some of them off. Some of the outfits shown include the very first costume from Spidey's debut comic, Amazing Fantasy #15, with his signature web wings. Following that is the famous black suit that would follow him for multiple issues before creating fan-favorite villain Venom. There's also the Iron Spider from when he took Tony's side in the landmark Civil War storyline. Take a look at the exciting animation here:

What's most exciting about this video is that after a trip down memory lane, Marvel actually dropped a preview for Spidey's next big suit change. The new outfit looks very Green Goblin-esque in design as Spidey rides a special glider designed for him that he'll be able to steer using his webbing. What's most interesting though is that he's holding something in his hands. It looks fairly similar to a Pumpkin Bomb, but knowing Spider-Man, it won't be nearly as destructive. In fact, it could end up being a device that contains his webbing to subdue his foes. Fans will be able to see this new suit in action in late August with The Amazing Spider-Man #8.

From humble beginnings to an exciting look at the future that features a rekindled Black Cat romance, Marvel has showcased some of the best outfits that Spider-Man has ever worn. It just goes to show that no matter how old the character gets, he will continue delight fans with changes that will offer new stories and epic designs that will one day become as iconic as the character. Marvel Comics has gone all out with their 60-year celebration of Spider-Man, and this animation is a fantastic showcase of how well the character has aged throughout the years.

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