Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX) are Heading towards This level in the Coming Days

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A well-known crypto analyst has predicted what will happen to Ethereum competitors Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX), and also one under-the-radar cryptocurrency.


Altcoin Sherpa, an anonymous expert, informs his 178,300 Twitter followers that smart contract network Solana may be nearing a regional low after falling 90% of its price from its all-time record.

Solana has peaked at 90% of its value. Sherpa quotes that if we are searching for an alternate layer-1, that is not an awful place, to begin with, accumulation for a long run. Further adds that, to be frank, it is one of the finest options provided its non-Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Given the short timescale, the strategist says this appears to be enough. If BTC Price behaves well, $45 might arrive in the mid-term.


The next on the strategist list is Avalanche, a similar smart contract system that Altcoin Sherpa says is primed for a recovery rally with forecasts of $22 and $28.

On Avalanche, the analyst asserts that AVAX isn’t a bad concept to desire to save money, yet his $12 goal was never met. He says in his perspective, a bearish retake is likely, but the macro bottom has not yet been reached.


The utility currency of the Ethereum-based NFT marketplace LooskRare  (LOOKS) is the final currency on the investor’s mind. As per Altcoin Sherpa, LOOKS is optimistic in the near term after breaking above its initial barrier at $0.30.

The analyst wraps his prediction claiming that lol, LOOKS appears to be a good deal. As per Sherpa, in a downturn, this is one to explore for the long term. 

Additionally, the expert says, the market system is still quite negative, however, this is displaying a lot of courage.

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