Braveheart is a 1995 American epic historical fiction war film directed and co-produced by Mel Gibson, who portrays William Wallace, a late-13th-century Scottish warrior. The film depicts the life... Wikipedia

  • Director:  Mel Gibson
  • Produced by:  Mel Gibson, Alan Ladd Jr, Bruce Davey
  • Writer(s):  Randall Wallace
  • Starring:  Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan, Catherine McCormack, Brendan Gleeson
  • Music:  James Horner
  • Cinematography:  John Toll
  • Edited by:  Steven Rosenblum
  • Production, company:  Icon Productions, The Ladd Company
  • Distributed by:  Paramount Pictures (North America), 20th Century Fox (International)
  • Released:  May 18, 1995 (Seattle), May 24, 1995 (United States)
  • Running time:  178 minutes
  • Country:  United States
  • Language:  English
  • Budget:  $65–70 million
  • Box office:  $213.2 million
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo