About Us

Snipesearch is a manual inclusion search and aggregation service. Here is how it works.

You email your sites RSS feed to addmysite@snipesearch.co.uk and we check the feed. Providing the feed is not spam we add it for indexing. Every few hours the feeds are scanned for updates and the latest posts are shown in the correct catagories.  To avoid any DMCA issues we will not post FULL TEXT only the intro text part of your article, if your whole article is showing, your sites RSS generator has been set up to sent the entire text in the preiview/intro text section of the RSS feed. We do not check every post, simply the RSS feed itself so if your site is doing this we will not know as articles are imported automatically once added. If you are seeing the full article please review settings. 

Images in articles are NEVER downloaded, images will be displayed with your article ONLY of you have a featured image listed with your article and this image will ONLY be loaded if your site allows the image to be remotelly loaded.  This allows us to work on the premise that you both chose to send the image and allowed it to be remotelly loaded, this is an attempt to avoid any DMCA violations with images.

It is possible on occasion that you did not submit your feed yourself, but instead upon hiring an SEO company to generate you backlinks they may have mass submitted your feed, this is because XML feeds create fantastic quality backlinks and having articles remotelly published is one of the most effective forms of SEO link building. If you dont want your Feed Published, please contact addmysite@snipesearch.co.uk and we will remove your entire feed. All articles are purged from latest every 180 days, we will attempt to manually remove your previous articles but any that are not known will automatically be purged withing  180 days of feed removal.

The search service uses indexing and agregation, using a combination of our own indexing and remote search APIs to give you the most balanced search results possible while maintaining your privacy as our first order. 

Snipesearch has been fully DMCA compliant and ahead of the privacy curve since September 2009.