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       Murakami Haruki's First Person Singular just came out in English, but there's more Murakami coming this fall !
       Murakami recently made some news with his Uniqlo-T-shirt collection, and it turns out he's apparently truly a big Tシャツ fan: a book on the subject, 村上T, is already out in Japan (see the マガジンハウス publicity page), and is coming to the US/UK in Philip Gabriel's translation in November, as Murakami T:

Murakami T

       See also the publicity pages from Alfred A. Knopf and Harvill Secker (nice place-holder cover !), or pre-order your copy at or
       It sounds ... well ...: Here are photographs of Murakami's extensive and personal T-shirt collection, accompanied by essays that reveal a side of the writer rarely seen by the public.        While it's great to see more Murakami, there's still quite a bit more that hasn't been translated and that surely would be more interesting -- certainly his conversation with Kawakami Mieko , みみずくは黄昏に飛びたつ (see the Shinchosha publicity page), but also the recent collection of dialogues about translation with Shibata Motoyuki, 本当の翻訳の話をしよう; see the Switch publicity page.
       Honestly, pretty much everything else that hasn't been translated sounds more interesting ....
       But, yes, I'll be covering it .....
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