How to Complete Hard Won Happiness in New Pokémon Snap

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New Pokémon Snap is a unique installment in the blockbuster franchise as it isn’t a traditional RPG about capturing and raising Pokémon for battle. Rather, it’s a photography game, a genre not many other games can claim as a title. While players can have fun snapping all sorts of photos and solving cryptic puzzles, there’s a request, or mission, system to keep players on their toes.

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‘Hard Won Happiness’ is a request that’s unlocked relatively early on in the game, as it takes place at the Florio Nature Park during nighttime. Because this is the first course available in the game, it will be one of the first requests new players have access to. The goal is simple: feed a fluffruit, which are the apple-like fruits the player can throw, to the Pidgeot flying around the park. However, there are a few extra steps that need to be taken to complete this request, so here’s a guide on how to do so.

Shortly after beginning the course, the first step of the request must be completed. In the field on the right where all the Bouffalant is sleeping, a Pidgeot will swoop down and land among them. When this happens, throw a fluffruit as close as possible to it. There’s a high likelihood that the Bouffalants resting will block the thrown fruit, so arc its trajectory so it goes over the beast. With a well-aimed throw, the Pidgeot will take notice of the fruit and begin to eat it. Once it’s finished, it will fly away and reappear later on in the course. After passing through the forest pass with the Murkrow, players will enter a field with sleeping Torterra. Pay attention to the sky on the left side, as the same Pidgeot will swoop down and rest near some tall grass. Just like before, throw a fluffruit in its general direction and watch it scarf it down. Although this is easier than the first time, as there’s nothing blocking the way, be mindful not to overshoot and accidentally hit the Pidgeot by mistake, as doing so may scare it off.

In the last portion of this request, the Pidgeot will appear right in front of the player’s vehicle at the entrance of the flower field filled with Combee. Pidgeot will express its gratitude for the snacks by cheering for the player, which is actually its hidden four-star behavior. Taking a photo of the Pidgeot while in this state will complete the request and add the four-star photo to the player’s Photodex. It’s worth noting that after thanking the player, it will stick around a little while longer in that same area. This is a perfect opportunity to get high-scoring photos, as there’s nothing obscuring it from the player’s camera and its position lines it up perfectly for a shot.

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New Pokémon Snap is available for Nintendo Switch.

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