Deputy shoots, kills man who lunged at him with pair of butcher knives, sheriff says

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A Nassau County deputy shot and killed a man Saturday afternoon who lunged at him with a large butcher knife in each hand, Sheriff Bill Leeper said.

The deputy had been called to a home on Diamond Street in Yulee about 1:30 p.m. because of reports that a man had been threatening to harm himself, Leeper said.

Leeper said when the deputy arrived, he was able to speak with the man through the small window of a side door, but the man became agitated and cursed at the deputy, who said he was there to check on him and just wanted to talk.

Leeper said the man asked the deputy if he was by himself. The deputy said he had back-up on the way, but he just wanted to talk, and the man told the deputy to “get ready” before busting through the door with a large butcher knife in each hand, Leeper said.

The deputy told the man to stop, but when the man lunged forward, the deputy shot him, Leeper said. The Sheriff’s Office declined to provide details about the number of shots the deputy fired or the number of times the man was hit.

The man died at the scene. He was 39 years old.

No one else was inside the home, and the deputy was not injured.

“Obviously, he had some anger issues and was dealing with a lot of things,” Leeper said of the man who died.

He said law enforcement had been called to the man’s home before and the man had been arrested previously for violent offenses.

The FDLE will investigate the shooting, and the deputy will be placed on administrative leave and will be evaluated before he returns to work.

Leeper said the deputy has been on the job for about nine years and this was his first officer-involved shooting.

“You never know when you get a call what you’re going to. This is something that turned into something deadly real quickly,” Leeper said. “Thankfully the officer was not injured.”

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