Avid Gamer Shows Off Unique Wallet Inspired By the Original PlayStation Console

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Gaming is a great craze around the globe and people make goodies that transcend beyond normal gaming products. You can find merchandise related to your favorite gaming franchise easily at the stores which makes affiliation with them feel slightly better. Often the gaming franchises collaborate with famous brands while some make knock-off products using the franchise’s logo.

As you can see in the post embedded above, one user has found a PlayStation-themed wallet and posted it on r/gaming. However, what are the fans saying about this unique find? And, are there more brands with which PlayStation has collaborated? Let’s find out in this article.

Fans not quite satisfied with this avid gamer’s PlayStation wallet

As you can see, the above wallet is themed like a PlayStation 1 console and has designs of eject and power buttons on it. As uncanny and wonderful as it looks, it seems to have some serious issues with its quality standards, according to the other members. The comments were filled with users raising questions over this wallet’s quality standard. Have a look at some of the comments here below.

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However, did you know PlayStation offers other products as well with collaboration with some of the biggest brands? Let’s have a look at how they created the PlayStation-themed shoes by collaborating with Nike and rapper Travis Scott.

PlayStation collaborated with Nike and Travis Scott to create one of the most expensive sneakers ever

Travis Scott teamed up with PlayStation to promote the new PlayStation 5 console, which was released in November 2020. The partnership resulted in the creation of limited-edition merchandise. Among the items in the collection were a new pair of Nike Dunk Lows sneakers with PlayStation logo branding. The sneakers were made available through PlayStation and Travis’ record label, Cactus Jack.

playstation nike dunk low

The sneakers have an off-white lining over some faint greys, a clear homage to the original PlayStation design’s colour palette. Each sneaker also features the classic “PS” logo and PlayStation branding. According to HypeBeast, only 24 pairs of these shoes were made and out of these, five were given to lucky customers during a special raffle held during PS5’s release.

So, what do you think of these amazing collaborations that gaming franchises make to bring us different merchandise? Let us know in the comments.

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