Alexa Bliss Warns the Raw Women’s Roster with a Frightening Message

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Alexa Bliss has been quite the innovative Superstar in the women’s division lately. She transformed herself, personality, looks, and almost everything else in the last year. Now, she’s sending a message to the entire women’s roster.

On Monday Night Raw: April 19th, 2021, Bliss addressed the Raw women’s roster. She let them know there’s a target on each of their backs.

Not only did she send a message that sends chills down the spine, but also used her doll Lilly to make the message sterner.

The whole of Raw Women’s roster is on notice now. It’s only a matter of time before WWE reveals Alexa Bliss’ next feud.

"All you little girls on the #WWERaw roster … Lilly didn't like HIM, and Lilly doesn't like any of you." – @AlexaBliss_WWE

— WWE (@WWE) April 20, 2021

Coming to the Lilly doll, Bliss introduced her recently. The doll closely represents Bliss, but has a creepy element attached to it. Little Miss Bliss revealed she grew up with the doll, and Lilly has a violent streak which influences her as well.

WWE went a step further and inserted the doll in her childhood photos to enhance the doll’s role in Bliss’ character line.

Alexa Bliss’ last storyline involved Randy Orton and The Fiend

She got heavily involved after Orton set The Fiend on fire in The Inferno Match. Bliss tormented Orton to where he started bleeding black from his mouth.

She gave ‘The Viper’ an opportunity to get rid of her at WWE Fastlane 2021. Unfortunately for Orton, The Fiend returned at Fastlane 2021, and helped Bliss pin Randy Orton.

Finally, a match was booked between Orton and The Fiend for WrestleMania 37. Orton vowed he would finish The Fiend once and for all.

At The Grandest Stage of All, Alexa Bliss distracted The Fiend when she started profusely bleeding black, and Randy Orton capitalized on this moment to deliver an RKO to The Fiend and secure the title. It’s possible this could be the end of The Fiend’s character, and Bray Wyatt will return to the ring.

Moreover, Bliss revealed she became more invested in the storyline when the writers revealed she would be in a storyline with Bray Wyatt.

“My whole thing is, whenever I’m talking to the writers, I always tell them ‘If I don’t believe in it, people aren’t going to believe in what I’m saying’. So I have to fully dive in. And as soon as I was told that I was going to be with Bray for a little bit now, I was like, ‘ok, here we go!’” H/t Wrestling Inc.

Now, it’s a matter of time before the WWE Universe will witness Alexa Bliss in another feud, with Lilly doll by her side!

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