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With Kingsman 3 around the corner and glowing reviews for his recent work in Black Bird, Taron Egerton is as busy as ever. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 2012, the Welsh actor quickly shot to fame with Kingsman: The Secret Service and hasn't looked back since.

Egerton's small list of credits carries a massive range, from playing a legendary singer to a psychotic mob henchman. Looking at his career, here are Egerton's best roles yet.

10 Sing (2016) - 3.0

Set in a world of talking animals, Sing revolves around koala Buster Moon, a strained theater owner who's threatened with foreclosure. In order to increase business, he holds a singing competition, but a misprint on the show's flyers makes the prize money $100,000 instead of $1,000, leading to overwhelming interest.

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Egerton voices one of the contestants, Johnny, a young gorilla whose singing aspirations are questioned by his mobster father Big Daddy. In his animated debut, Egerton displays his abilities not just in voice acting, but in singing as well, revealing talents that he would showcase more in later roles.

9 Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) -3.1

In the follow-up to the 2014 global hit, Kingsman: The Golden Circle finds Eggsy teaming up with the Statesman, their American counterpart, to take down a drug cartel intent on blackmailing America's president.

Now the centerpiece of the film, Egerton carries the role with witty gravitas alongside newcomers to the franchise Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, and Jeff Bridges. By leading the sequel to the same comedic and commercial success, Egerton proved his casting was no fluke, and that he's on his way to becoming a bonafide star.

8 Legend (2015) - 3.2

Taking place in the criminal underground of 1960s London, Legend follows twin brothers Reggie and Ronnie Kray who were prominent figures in the nightlife scene. Due to Reggie's addiction to crime and Ronnie's untreated schizophrenia, the brothers' chaotic dominance takes a toll on their relationships and puts them within the sights of the law.

Led by Tom Hardy in his most villainous roles, Egerton plays the small but memorable part of Mad Teddy Smith, an unpredictable psychopath who's rumored to have had affairs with Ronnie. Though only in a handful of scenes, Egerton stood out amongst a cast of well-respected English actors.

7 Watership Down (2018) - 3.2

Based on the 1972 novel of the same name, Watership Down follows a small herd of rabbits who escape impending doom thanks to the visions of one of their members. Now on the run, the miniseries track their efforts to find and defend a new warren of their own.

Egerton plays El-Ahrairah, the ancient prince of the rabbits who lives long before the rest of the main characters and is bestowed the species' powers. As the character, Egerton added another powerful, engaging role to his resume alongside legendary British thespians.

6 Eddie The Eagle (2016) - 3.5

A biopic sports dramedy, Eddie The Eagle tells the real-life story of Michael Edwards, a British ski jumper who, in 1988, became the first to compete in that category for his country at the Olympics in 60 years, despite constant questioning from his family, peers, and Olympic officials.

Opposite Hugh Jackman in one of his best movies, who plays his fictional coach Bronson Peary, Egerton's sincere, heartfelt performance as someone pursuing their passion no matter the cost won over audiences and critics alike.

5 Sing 2 (2021) - 3.5

Sing 2 happens shortly after the events of the first film, as Buster Moon decides to take his former contestants on the road to put up a show in nearby Redshore City, the entertainment hub of their world.

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Egerton reprises his role as Johnny, who struggles to learn to dance for the new show under the tutelage of Klaus Kickenklober, a stern proboscis monkey. Facing new challenges, Egerton brings a new, memorable side to the character, struggling with learning additional skills this go around as opposed to family troubles.

4 Testament Of Youth (2014) - 3.6

Based on the World War I memoir of the same name, Testament Of Youth focuses on the writer Vera Brittain, an independent young woman who abandons her studies to join the war effort as a nurse, following after her younger brother and his friends who are already on the front at her persuasion.

Opposite Alicia Vikander in one of her best roles, Egerton plays Edward Brittain, her supportive and beloved younger brother. Alongside the familiar faces of Kit Harington and Colin Morgan, Egerton's convincing performance as Edward acts as the film's innocent core, and it's his fate that pushes Vera over the edge to become a pacifist.

3 Rocketman (2019) - 3.7

A musical fantasy of Elton John's life, Rocketman tracks the legendary singer's life through his childhood, early success, and struggles with identity, with intermittent musical numbers supporting the storytelling along the way.

Considered one of the best music biopics of all time, Egerton's portrayal of Elton John garnered widespread acclaim from critics and won a Golden Globe for his efforts. By exploring the singer's ability to be both flamboyant, shy, and vulnerable, Egerton created a role that stands on its own as a testament to the human journey of self-discovery.

2 Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) - 3.7

A stylized spy comedy, Kingsman: The Secret Service focuses on a street kid recruited by a spy who believes he has the potential to join his organization with a little training. Despite initial struggles, when a villainous billionaire emerges with a plot that will destroy the world, the newly minted Kingsman is put to the test.

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Egerton, in his debut starring role, plays Eggsy, the rough but sweet protagonist at the center of it all. Then untested as a lead, Egerton's amusing yet grounded performance as a kid given a second chance captured the hearts of moviegoers, turning him into an overnight star.

1 Blackbird (2022) - 4.0

A chilling crime drama, Black Bird begins with Jimmy Keene, a former high school football star who's taken to dealing arms and narcotics until he's arrested as part of Operation Snowplow. Facing 10 years in prison without parole, Jimmy takes a deal to transfer to a maximum security prison to illicit a confession from a suspected serial killer in exchange for his freedom.

As Jimmy, Egerton created a character unlike any previously in his repertoire. Beginning as an arrogant, charming criminal, over the course of the show Egerton reveals how being exposed to the unspeakable can humble someone and polish off their edges. Praised by critics, Egerton's performance is already being discussed for next year's Emmys.

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